Reducing the Email deluge

Reducing the Email deluge

At times, it can be completely and utterly overwhelming. We're talking about the absolute flood of e-mails that almost all of us receive on a daily basis...both in our company offices as well as in home offices.

Obviously, e-mail is a great thing. But when is enough, enough? When does your in-box reach the point of overload? If you're like millions of people, you're probably looking for ways to reduce the amount of e-mail you receive.
Here are some suggestions.

Use spam blockers.
Spam is a word used to describe e-mails that are sent to you, usually unsolicited, trying to sell you something. You might describe spam as a kind of cyber junk mail. It's likely that your computer system at work has software installed by your company to block this kind of mail. However, in your home, you are responsible for doing so. Fortunately, most internet service providers include spam-blocking as part of their services. If not, ask about it. Also, you could purchase one of several spam blocking software packages currently on the market.

Minimize the personals at work.
Chances are you've given out your work e-mail address to your friends and family, and that could add up to hundreds of people, each of whom may feel compelled to send you electronic mail continuously during your work day. Be selective in the people you give your e-mail address to, as personal e-mails can add up quickly.

Check the lists you're on at your company.
Almost certainly, you've received broadcast e-mails that are sent out to a long list of people simultaneously throughout your company. Typically in most companies, there's a list for the sales force, the marketing department and so forth. Of course, you don't want to miss important e-mails, but do you really need to be on all the lists particularly those that may not apply to you?

Pick up the phone once in a while.
Sure, it's the old fashioned low-tech way to go about your business, but it's also still the most effective way of communicating in the office. Perhaps the biggest benefit: you'll eliminate the inevitable reply e-mail that comes back to you almost every time you send someone a business e-mail.

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