Tax Break

Pendaflex Hanging Tax File can make this coming tax season easier to bear

Another tax season is approaching. And whats that, youre still piling your receipts and other documentation in the corner of your bedroom...gathering them for next year...just so you can go through the same try to find something mess you went through this year?

There is another way, an easier way, a better way to organize your tax records easily and neatly all year long so that you and your accountant wont have to scramble at the last moment next April turning your home upside down looking for that missing receipt.

Its called Pendaflex Hanging Tax File and its specially made to make your life easier by providing a convenient place to store your tax records throughout the year.

Hanging Tax File is designed to hang right in your file drawer alongside all your other household records such as your mortgage papers and insurance documents.

The smartly engineered Hanging File comes complete with 6 sections, each with preprinted laminated tabs for organizing your most common tax documents. Tab headings include: Wages, Dividends, Interest, Medical, Taxes, Contributions, Receipts, and Miscellaneous. Theres even a section entitled Instructions/Forms for storing your state and federal tax forms and related information!