The PileSmart® Guide to Desktop Organization

Learn how to keep your desktop organized. Download the PileSmart® Guide!

Everyone piles. Admit it, so do you.
Since childhood, we’ve all piled. One of your earliest memories is probably that of piling blocks. As you got older, you piled some more...fallen leaves, newspapers, you name it.
Piling is something we’re all prone to do and the urge to pile carries over to paperwork, both at our company offices and in our home offices.

Piling smarter can make a big difference. A recent survey found that 48% of people refer to themselves as paperwork “pilers” – and stacking documents is their primary way of managing them. Problem is, most people create disorganized piles of paper on their desktops, making it difficult to find things while leaving little or no room to work efficiently.

Not to worry though. You can still pile, and, stay organized.

The key? Going about it in a smarter way.

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