The Tickler File

Creating a Tickler File

Anybody who files in a busy office knows that papers are constantly coming across their desk, and if those papers are not organized on a regular basis, messy piles can accumulate...resulting is misfiles, or even worse, lost documents.

An easy and smart way to keep constant track of paperwork as it mounts, particularly documents that relate to ongoing projects, is to create what's called a tickler file. In addition to making it easy for you to manage the continual stream of papers you have to deal with, a tickler file helps simplify the process of determining what to save and what to throw out by allowing you to temporarily store papers for future use.

To set up your own tickler file, here's all you do: Just place a hanging folder in your drawer with five interior folders inside the hanging folder. Label each interior folder with a different day of the week. As the week progresses, drop papers for review into the respective interior folders and review at each days end. When Friday rolls around, sort through the entire file for the whole weeks worth of papers and you'll be able to easily decide what to save and what to discard...or, what to transfer into a more permanent file.

Tickler files are perfect for projects that you work on over long periods of time. Indeed, many projects tend to take on a life of their own, accumulating mountains of papers some of which are not needed right away. Its those papers that can clog up your days and weeks and rob you of filing efficiency as well as productivity.

Using a tickler file can alleviate the challenges of paperwork build-up, making your entire office and your life more organized every day!

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