Keep Your Chin Up!

Keep Your Chin Up!

Over the past several years, economic challenges have caused many companies to cut back on such benefits as medical coverage and 401(k) matching plans.  Furthermore, although the economy has improved dramatically, some companies are still operating with very lean staffs resulting in greater demands being put on existing employees.

These situations, and other factors, have contributed to reductions in morale among office workers and perhaps your office is experiencing a downturn in morale.

To follow are a few suggestions that can help keep you motivated even though you might be dealing with low morale: 

Accept new challenges. Sometimes, the spark you need may come from pushing yourself just a little bit harder. Maybe youre in charge of your company's customer billing program but you also see a need to improve the accounts receivables program. Develop a proposal and present it. Formulating the ideas themselves will stimulate your creative juices and what's more, youll likely also impress your superiors with your initiative...putting yourself in line for possible future promotions. 

Change some routines. More positive outlooks can often come just from doing things differently. You may not be able to directly change the sinking morale in your office, but you can make your own approach to your working day better for yourself. For instance, if you always drive to work on the same route, try a different that has a great coffee shop on the way...and allow yourself a few extra moments to indulge in a delicious cup along with a morning snack. Also, if you constantly bring your lunch, try something different: eating out in a restaurant once in a while. Another idea is if your company offers flex time, take advantage of it and maybe even change your daily starting and/or leaving time just to shake things up a bit. 

Speak your mind.
If something is really bothering you, and causing your morale to dip even further, it might be a good idea to sit down with a co-worker or your boss and discuss things. For example, maybe the "new memo routing procedure" in your office is simply not working and it's causing more problems than it's worth. Mention this to your boss, and have a new suggestion ready.  Be sure to pick your spots however when speaking up, because you do not want to be labeled as a complainer. 

Take your vacation.
Do you have time coming? Take it. You earned it and you might be surprised how coming back from a good vacation could be just the cure you need to raise your morale at least a notch or two.