The Leader Within

The Leader Within

We all have aspirations, and for many of us who work in an office, our goals include moving up to a supervisory position.

Along with the move up comes more responsibility, not to mention more direct input in the future of the company we work for, as well as admiration from co-workers and of course, a higher paycheck. Still, even though they may want to one day become a boss, some people may question their abilities to lead others.

We invite you to look inside yourself, and consider the following five leadership traits that corporate HR directors have determined as essential attributes in a good boss:

Confidence. Getting subordinates to follow your lead has a lot to do with convincing them that you yourself are making the right decisions. Sure, every leader has self-doubts once in a while, but the best leaders try not to let those feelings show through.
  • Ability to delegate.
  • Control-freaks often get nowhere in todays super-charged multitasking business environment. The smartest bosses know that they will shine the brightest when they trust their subordinates to handle a share of the workload.

  • Fairness.
  • No, you don't have to be considered soft in your approach to managing, but successful leaders are keenly aware that different people, and many situations, are unique unto themselves. Therefore, you must evaluate each circumstance with an open mind, and never pre-judge anyone.

  • Coolness under pressure.
  • It can get awfully hot under the collar when your'e the boss, particularly when tight deadlines are involved. The best leaders remain calm, cool and collected...knowing that panicking usually leads to rash decisions while also sending negative messages to subordinates.

  • Knowledge.
  • Many bosses can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? Those who can take the time to learn everything they need to know about their companies, their industries, their customers and the strengths and weaknesses of the people who work for them. As they say, knowledge is power.