All Clear..Ideas for Organizing Your Desktop

All Clear, Ideas for Organizing Your Desktop

Place active files in folders right away.
When a project arrives on your desk or a bill from the oil company arrives at your house, place them in a color coded folder immediately. The reason is, another project or bill from someone else, along with lots of other mail, will also be coming...and before you know it, there's an un-manageable mountain of piles to climb. Pendaflex PileSmart products offer solutions that will help you identify piles on your desk with ease. Specialized poly color coded folders as well as the PileSmart™ Label Clips are perfect for flagging important tasks or documents.

It’s not enough to just put things someplace. You need to organize them in a logical manner. For instance, you might clear your desk of a recent influx of papers that need to be routed – but if you don’t put the papers in the correct place (labeled folder or an outbox, for example) they will probably not leave your desk and be circulated.

Remove what is extraneous.
Speaking of your desk, look at it now. Is it cluttered with nick-knacks, photographs, stuffed whatnots and that medal you received at last years holiday office party? These items are all important to you, no arguing that. But, theyre taking up valuable space in your immediate work zone: namely, your desk. Move the items to a shelf.

How's the floor look?
Whether you work in an office cubicle, a corner office, or you want to make the most of your home-office, you need to be able to move around at least a little. Are there boxes piled somewhere that dont need to be there? Are there way too many chairs for anyone to ever use? Are there books or magazines piled on the floor? Organizing the piles and clearing these obstacles can physically and subliminally help you become more productive.