Simple Tricks for the Filng Newbie

Steps and Tools To Make Filing Easier

Some people are organized by nature. You know them by their alphabetized spice racks, perfectly antiseptic medicine cabinets and tabula rasa workspaces. Others are not. But we believe that a little nurture can overcome nature so if organization isn't in your DNA, we're here to help.

Making the Most of Manila Folders: What home isn't inundated with bills, receipts, kids' art work, and disparate to-lists? Consider using a few clearly labeled manila folders on a bulletin board or the inside of a kitchen cabinet to triage and sort paperwork before it disappears into the dreaded stack (aka unwieldy pile).

Portable File Totes: Digital nomads, freelancers visiting clients, or on-the-go parents may want to avail themselves of a portable filing tote. Portable totes double as a "briefcase" and make organizing while on the move a breeze.

Crack the Color Code: LA lifestyle blog Cupcakes & Cashmere trains its aesthetic sensibility on home office files. Read their post Office Etiquette for details on synching an attractive streamlined desktop holder with a more comprehensive system in your filing cabinet. As a bonus: the system is color-coordinated, providing a vibrant example of form meeting function.

Get to Know Your Label Maker: Filing newbies may believe that label makers are the province of the professional organizer. Not so! Anyone can, and should, add a label maker to their organizational arsenal.

Be Boy Scout Ready: Steal a playbook from the Boy Scouts and "be prepared." When a health or weather disaster strikes, it's no time to be scrambling for insurance documents, etc. Prepare a file of emergency documents before adversity strikes.

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